CSM 3363 Heavy, Civil and Highway Construction Systems

CSM 3366 Soils and Foundation
CSM 4364/5364 Construction Project Management and Scheduling
CSM 4361/5362 Construction Estimating
CSM 4368 Environmentally Conscious Design and Construction (LEED)
CSM 4369 Construction Contracts, Liability and Ethics
TECH 4390 Internship

TECH 5384 Problems in Technology
TECH 5398 Directed Project
TECH 5399 Thesis
MSEC 7303 Research MSEC
MSEC 7304 Collaborative Research/Commercialization Experience

TEXO Education and Research Foundation, 2012, PI (Lee, S.-J.), CoPI (Winek, G.), “Soils and Foundation”, Amount: $12,000.
TEXO Education and Research Foundation, 2011, PI (Lee, S.-J.), CoPI (Winek, G.), “Air Distribution System Trainer and Residential Electricity Trainer”, Amount: $10,000.
TEXO Education and Research Foundation, 2010, PI (Winek, G.), CoPI (Lee, S.-J.), “Four Total Station Systems”, Amount: $20,000.
Student Computing Resources, 2010, PI (Lee, S.-J.), CoPIs (Kim, Y. J. and Winek, G.) “Major Upgrade of the RFM 4236: Computer Integrated Construction Laboratory to Offer High-Performance Computing and Visualization for Engineering Technology Students”, Amount: $56,096.

Graduate Theses/Dissertations Supervisor
Benjamin Broughton
Thesis Title: The Impact of Authentic Leadership Traits on Construction Superintendent Effectiveness (Spring 2012).
Steven Cade Humphries,
Thesis Title: Examination of Cost Benefits for Converting Surfaced Roads to Un-surfaced Roads in Texas (Fall 2012).
Hyunhwan Kim,
Thesis Title: Performance Properties of CRM Asphalt Binders Containing Wax Warm Additives (Summer 2014).
Evan Humphries,
Thesis Title: Evaluation of Current Practices for and Cost Benefits of Pavement Maintenance at Small to Medium Sized Airports in Texas (Spring 2015).
Mithil Mazumder,
Thesis Title: Properties of Polymer Modified Asphalt Binders Containing Wax Warm Additives (Fall 2016).
Hyunhwan Kim,
Dissertation Title: Characterization of Rubberized Asphalt Binders with Wax Warm Additives (Fall 2016).
Ahmed Ali,
Thesis Title: MSCR Characterization of Polymer Modified Binders Containing Wax Additives (May 2018).
Mithil Mazumder,
Dissertation Title: Characterization of Crack Sealant Materials and Implementation Techniques (May 2019, Expected).